Vein Screening
Vein Screening

Welcome to is a one of a kind site which gives you an easy and confidential way to learn if you have treatable Venous Insufficiency (VI). Presenting signs and symptoms of VI include much more than just garden variety varicose veins. Many patients with VI have more obscure symptoms like leg swelling, achy and fatigued legs, night time leg cramps or Charlie horses, restless legs syndrome and frequent night time urination. allows you the opportunity to submit your completed vein questionnaire and digital photos directly to a board certified vascular surgeon specializing in vein treatment. More than 30 Million adults in the US have treatable superficial VI and many may not be aware of their disease. was designed for the average, nonphysician patient like you, so wait no longer, submit your confidential evein screening now! We help patients get the answers they need and understand their treatment options.

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